G-String Swimwear

Wearing a G-string can be very fun and exciting. With this skimpy covering, you can surely garner some attention from the crowd, whether you’re on a beach holiday or simply lounging by the pool. So if you want to feel like a star, shop for this sexy bottom as early as now. When planning to buy this sexy outfit, you first have to check your budget. Other important factors you have to consider is the color that would look good on you. Before you start looking for a g-string bikini, you have to identify first your skin tone. Here are some relevant information that will help you pick a swimsuit that matches your skin tone.

G-string Swimwear


Those who have the color of winter have rosy pink undertones with a tinge of blue. The skin can be pale, porcelain white, or dark. Brunettes and natural blondes belong to this category. Generally, Asians and African-Americans are also under this classification. Winter-toned individuals generally have contrasting hair and skin hues. If you have the color of winter you should wear sharp and clear colors. Intense shades such as dark blue, flame red, striking pink, and black bikinis are ones that will flatter your skin tone. Bright colors such as yellow and cool blue will also enhance your complexion.


Like the autumn season, those who fall under this category has a rich golden undertone. Usually, golden blonde women or those with golden skin fall under this category. The best choice for you if you have this complexion is a warm colored swimsuit. This can be beige, orange, and gold.  You have to avoid bright swimsuits because they make you look faded.


Spring is characterized by a warm undertone that is exhibited very subtly. Those who belong in this classification tend to have light and ivory skin. Golden yellow, aqua, peach, and golden brown swimwear are the best choices. If you have spring undertone, avoid wearing too dark or too bright colors because these are too contrasting for you.


This is much like winter.  Those with summer tone have cool coloring. Generally, those with pale skin with a tinge of pink are considered to have a summer complexion. Pastels, pink, plum, mauve, and pale yellow are most suitable for this skin tone.

If you have identified which category you belong to, you should then look for the string bikini that will flatter your body. You can visit local stores to try on different pieces, or shop online stores for your convenience.

g-string swimwear

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